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Low key & maybe high key


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I’ve been eyeing the Stella McCartney Copper Elyse Star Shoes for months now (photo shown below), but have not been able to get over the $900 price tag. This pair is only $32 and one of my favorite AF finds to date. And that’s saying a lot because I have quite the collection. If you like platform shoes like I do, especially ones that look exactly like a $900 pair, then you’ll be walking like you’re in fashion heaven with these. The combination of the black mini dress and the sneakers is a low key high key statement. SF is pretty laid back and sneakers with a dress is more acceptable than heels with a dress. Surprisingly, you can walk in these shoes for days because they are so comfortable. Seriously fashion heaven. The dress brand is Missord and most of their dresses are around $30. Done and done.

stella shoes.PNG

my inspiration behind this look. shoes pictured $900. forever in my shopping bag.

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