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Match made in heaven

me in wide leg

crop top/ trousers / sneakers

An undersized top and oversized bottoms actually work pretty well together.  Expect to see me in a lot of wide-leg pants because I want nothing to do with normal pants right now. I think we can all agree it’s nice to change up the skinny jeans look. Fact: wide-leg pants make it easy to be stylish. It’s a classic look and jeans don’t have any movement like these do. Why not add some color too? We live in a colorful world and should  try and enhance our black wardrobe as much as possible. I’m drawn to green, especially the shade of these pants, because it allows for that pop of color without being too loud.  Also, I’m going to keep on wearing my crop tops since it’s summer in San Francisco. This one is $10. The pants are $32 and the brand is YSJ (I love). I had to link a different pair, as this pair is almost sold out. Oh, and a similar pair of a wide-leg pant on Nordstrom website is $70. I choose the half price, obviously.


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