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Feeling chic

blouse/ wide leg trousers/ wide leg trousers 2/  palazzo pants

Embroidered and lantern sleeve blouses. Very into this look. I love this post because I accomplished exactly what I’m going for with this blog: a classic and elegant outfit that’s very affordable. The shirt is $20 by Floerns and the pants are $35 by YSJ. The pants sold out so I replaced the link with very similar pairs. Yes, you can dress like the “girls in the magazines” (as my gammy says) and not break the bank. Oh, and about the dogs…my neighbor who is well into his 70’s has three Bernese Mountain dogs and walks them around our block (the one missing from the photo was not-so-elegantly rolling around on his back). My roommate, who was taking the photos of me, spotted these cuties and we ran over to get them in a couple shots. I didn’t expect to actually post the ones with them until I got home are started editing. They are très chic if you ask me.  I added some links for similar looks below since fall shopping is just beginning. Update: These pants have sold out in sizes 2-8 so I added a link to a similar pair as well up top.

on scooter.jpg

grey ruffle blouse/ white ruffle blouse/ lantern sleeve blouse


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