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On point

skirt/ sweater/ booties

This silver pleated maxi skirt is absolutely stunning. I never want to take it off.  I paired it with an oversized, off shoulder sweater because I always love a good contrast in an outfit. Looking casual on the top and fancy on the bottom is versatile because you’ll be dressed for the occasion anywhere you go.  These red lycra booties deserve their own photoshoot by themselves, honestly. This is my first pair of red boots and I’m very happy about this new relationship. As a fall look, this look is on point.

This outfit is inspired by some of the latest fall looks I’ve seen my favorite fashion bloggers post about. Except each item I’m wearing is under $25. I want all of you to feel like you can dress your best while living within your means. Fashion can be very expensive, but the way I see it, you should always look for what you can buy rather than what you can’t. It’s nice to be inspired, but even nicer to find an inspired look you can easily afford.



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