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The love affair with Plaid

dress/ booties

You can’t deny that plaid is forever going to make comebacks. So, I guess we should consider it always in style? I mean let’s think about it…from Princess Diana in glorious plaid suits, to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, to Marc Jacobs’s grunge inspired 1993 collection, to California hipsters, to Burberry everything, and so much more. This dress is my go to fall dress. I’m always looking for versatile dresses like this one as it’s definitely a wear to work then business cocktail after attire. I know my followers work hard and they deserve to have a dress they can keep on from day to night. Also, you can check the much needed plaid outfit off of your list and it’s only $20 .The booties are $25.IMG_5445.jpg

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