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Feeling bold

red pants/ red palazzo pantsjacketbooties

I love a good bold statement in an outfit and these pants are made for that. I think that every woman needs to have a few staple clothing items in their wardrobe that are red. Adding a pop of color is always a yes in my book. The fact that these pants are under $30 is amazing. They feel great on (trust me, I took about 200 photos in them today) and I can definitely wear them to work and to drinks after. I’ve always believed that less is more. The less you have to worry about what you’re wearing to each new occasion, the better. I focus on outfits that I can wear over and over without looking like it. With bold items like red pants you can easily switch up the look by changing the top, jacket, and shoes. I also have a major crush on leather jackets and this one is my most lightweight and easy to throw on. I keep this jacket at work so I’m never left unfashionable, since my business suit usually isn’t my go-to happy hour attire. It’s around $30 and lasted me long enough to say it’s a true deal. Also, the reason the angle in this photo is a bit slanted is because I take my own photos on a tripod. This was the best position so my camera wouldn’t get run over by a car. So, bare with me.


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