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Rain or shine, baby

rain photo

leather skirtturtleneck/ boots

One amazing thing about faux leather is that rain or shine, it will persevere. This leather skirt is $15 and the brand is Bella Philosophy. It comes in about ten colors and I love them all. I’m wearing the brown one in this photo, but I also bought it in pink because the price is so good. One can never have enough leather bottoms, so I added some links to some of my other favorites. Also, check out Bella Philosophy brand on AF. You will love their clothing and their awesome prices. The boots are Franco Sarto and $50 in brown. I could walk in these for days because they are so comfortable too. The only sizes left in this color are 6, 6.5, 9.5 and up so I linked some similar boots below as well. The turtleneck is so easy to throw on and it’s thin texture is my favorite for fall and winter because you can always layer it. I love my cozy turtlenecks too, but this one is better for night out looks because it isn’t as chunky. It’s also such a good price that I have it in several colors as well. I love breaking the no brown and black rule. Boo rules. Black and brown are a beautiful combo if you ask me. Break the rules ladies.

brown leather boots/ suede burgundy boots/ black thigh highs

Let me give you some background on this photo. This past week I’ve been working pretty late and I haven’t had the time to take my fashion photos. Natural light is very important for fashion photography and my lunch break doesn’t exactly allow for hair, makeup, and running around SF for a couple photos. So, I was counting down the days till my deadline on Wednesday, knowing I could sneak in a photoshoot on Thursday after work.  I look forward to taking photos more than you can imagine. Well , when 5:30 on Thursday came, I basically bolted out the door only to see a very passionate gathering of grey clouds in the sky. I was already bound and determined so I ignored the weather and headed back to my neighborhood. I had my change of clothes in my backpack as I was not about to walk up the SF hills in these beautiful boots. At this point, I’ve gotten so good at changing in the streets that it doesn’t even phase people passing me. Slip a skirt over your jeans and quickly take off the jeans. Hide in an alley way in a dark corner and quickly slip on a new shirt. Done and done. Except this time, it started to really rain and I was losing confidence in this shoot. Still, I was not going to let this rain ruin the one night I had a chance to take my photos. I was about a block from home when I decided I had to take the photos before I was completely drenched. I set up my tripod in the street, laid my drenched back pack on the ground, ran into place, and voila! So, I think I’ve proved that these boots and skirt are durable to say the least. Rain or shine, this outfit is everything.

zip leather skirt/belt leather skirt

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