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Halle Berry

pink bomber jacket $30/ bomber jacket $35/ down bomber jacket $90knee highs $45/ black mini dress/ suede mini dress

These above the knee boots are $45 and one of my favorite AF purchases, and that’s saying A LOT. Be prepared about your alter ego when you wear them! You feel different when you wear these. Different how? Well, people look at you like you know exactly what you’re doing in life, because a girl in good boots is always admired. Ah, yes, you are Halle Berry and you have 9 lives baby. Side note: these boots do not ride down at all either, which is very important. The bomber jacket is fun to throw on and I love this pink shade. It’s $30 and I recommend going a size up. I added a link to a men’s bomber jacket as I am very into men’s fashion on Amazon. As the sizes run so small in menswear, you can buy a small in a men’s jacket and it will be the perfect size. Under the jacket is a simple black dress. It’s just what you need with this look. I put up two links to dresses as the one I am wearing just sold out, but they are the same look and great price. Now, get your Halle Berry on ladies.

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