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Ride or die

leather pants $80/ coated denim $40/ control top leather leggings $67turtleneck $25 / embroidered sweater $30/ snakeskin booties $25/


It’s officially time to bring out those leather pants. These are $59 and worth ever dollar, as I usually don’t like to post about anything above $50. These are the exception as you will live in these ladies! Also, winter is seriously coming as I am sitting on the plane across country to go home for Thanksgiving while writing this blog. It’s honestly a little scary when it starts to get pitch black by 5 pm and I’m the type of person that is very affected by the change in daylight and warmth. Aka why I moved to California from Virginia. Enough about that, these faux leather pants are making me feel better. I woke up before my flight today to take this photo because it was finally sunny in SF for the first time this week. I really don’t like going more than a couple days without a post so I was really excited when I saw no clouds outside this morning. A friend asked me to find some leather pants on AF and here they are. I swear I could live in these and I just got really lucky with this pick. I’m wearing them on the 6 hour plane ride because they are that legit. Ride or die ladies, I choose ride obvi. Okay, I am deliriously rambling! I am also very happy about my new cream turtleneck that’s very elegant and the flare arms are so in this season. I got a small and it fits true to size. I always like to contrast my outfits so matching a chic sweater with tight leather pants is a great combo in my book. Lastly, we must discuss these snakeskin booties! Oh baby gimme reptile any day, all day.  This pair is $25 and pretty tall, which I like since I’m short and could use the added height with these feisty pants. I have my work booties and then my not work booties, and these are my not work ones. You want to wear these out and show them off so I think pairing them with straight legged pants works best. I’ll still wear them with my trousers, but for now I want to make a statement.

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