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Pink suede baby

IMG_3484suede trench coat $45 / classic trench coat $45/ 

This trench coat is a must for fall and winter. It’s so elegant and the faux suede material is so soft. I wore it on Thanksgiving and snuck away for a photo because I was too excited while wearing it. Oh, and it’s only $40! I’m wearing a small and it fits like a snuggly glove. Walking around in this coat leads to a big ego, I’m just warn you.”Oh, you wear jeans and a top? I wear pink suede coats.” You know you would think it too…. Anyways, I paired it with a riding boot and brown leggings. The riding boot trend is far from in, but I love a classic brown boot.  Happy Black Friday shopping ladies! May Amazon Fashion treat you well as it always does for me.

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