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faux fur coat $60/ black jeans $40/ black mesh turtleneck $20 /white booties $35/ pointed toe white booties $30/


I am extremely proud of these white booties! I have been waiting to buy these for months and finally gave into the trend because I found the perfect pair for only $35. I mean, I’m not going to spend more than $50 on white boots. Inevitably they will be dirty in no time. For now, I will keep these bad boys very clean and love them until they are black. Now, for the faux fur coat. This just popped up on my AF search as I have been looking for a good fur coat for winter. The brand is Simplee Apparel and it’s $60, which is such a steal. The quality of the jacket is very nice and it’s warm, making it an affordable and realistic winter coat. I’m back in VA for Thanksgiving and they do not mess around with their coats as it is really cold during the fall and winter. I paired the look with black skinny jeans from Hale brand. They are $50 and I love the cool design down the sides. The mesh turtleneck is very elegant and the mesh adds an edgy vibe. I will be posting with this top again as you can’t really see just how bomb it is from this photo. Happy Black Friday shopping!

Fun Fact: This house was built in 1770 y’all. I met the owner as I was taking the photos because he pulled up in his car about 10 minutes in. His name is Bob and he explained that this house was a Stagecoach house, where travelers used to stop on their way between Richmond and Charlottesville, Va. He told me a lot of cool facts about this place, and I just adore the old Richmond vibe. Check out the photo below of us for laughs. He used to work in TV and Production so he’s snapping photos of me while my tripod is taking this photo. Hilarious, right?



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