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Cheers to 2018

green velvet dress $45/

This dress is the most elegant winter dress I own and it’s in one of my favorite fabrics this season, velvet. After seeing all of my favorite bloggers wearing velvet this winter, I had to find a dress. The style is just perfect. I’m usually not a fan of a ruched middle section, but with this dress it just works. Also, the long sleeves and perfectly placed side slit make it more of a gown than just a long dress. Oh, and it’s 42! That I can afford this season, along with my other deals on AF. I’m 5’4 and this dress comes to a couple inches on the floor. If you are 5’8 or taller, it will hit your ankles and will not be much of a gown like it is on me. I added two more velvet dresses above that would be a better style for taller women. Get your velvet on this winter ladies.

So, let me tell you the story behind the dress. I just landed in San Francisco after being home in Virginia for a week. The weather was very gloomy and after a full day of traveling, I did not want to head outside to take my own photos. It’s a lot of work to take your own photos in this city. It calls for audacity and strength to trek up the hills carrying a tripod and camera. Instead, I went to a friend’s house who I knew had records and a nice enough backdrop for the dress. When I first got the dress I pictured myself wearing it at some swanky jazz club, so the idea of having records in the photo was spot on. I got to the house right before sunset, propped up my tripod, and grabbed a record to pose. I checked the photo and it was just a little blah. I decided to tie my hair up instead to show off my neckline. I also threw some record covers on the floor to make it look like I had been playing around with the records, which I was. I always want to create a story with an outfit and I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. On, and I didn’t have to go outside in the cold weather to do so. I think going home for a week really refreshed my mind and gave me some clarity. I tend to be a bit of a work-a-holic when i’m in SF, so having a break was necessary. Although, I am very excited to get back to being busy and start my you tube channel. You ladies are what inspires me to share these great deals from AF. I think the channel will really allow me to connect with you guys more. Cheers to 2018!


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