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Fashion for less

ruffle sleeve blouse $18/ striped pants $18 / Chloe look-a-like purse $45/ vintage shades $12/


SO this look is one of my favorites ever! Gimme all of the stripes and all of the ruffles this year. This blouse is a must in everyone’s closet. I wear it to the point of it being almost absurb. It looks just like free people except it’s $20. It runs a tad large and I got in small, thinking it would be more cropped than it was. I’ll take the less cropped look and that way no one has to see my belly! Yay! I paired it with some pants from Sweaty rocks (what  a name) and I’m impressed with the quality for them being under $20. I fully expect them to get a tear after 6 months, which I’m fine with since I spent $18 on them. I shall buy a new pair when it happens! For now, I am digging them and I’ve worn plenty to say they are a good buy. The purse is a Chloe bag dupe, and I love my dupes. Of course I would like to one day afford a Chloe bag, but your girl is still eating canned peas for dinner. For now, I’m enjoying my $45 dupe purses from Amazon. The smaller the shade the better this season. I’m digging the small shades and these are $12 so buy 20 of them and don’t stress about losing them! The amount of times I have had my expensive sunglasses stolen or lost is quite daunting. I am sticking to my Amazon shades until I become more responsible in the shade guarding department.

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