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Teddy bear coat

teddy bear coat $35/ two piece silver outfit $35 / Celine Tilda dupe sunglasses $13/


I love my teddy bear coat! This same day, weworewhat posted a video of herself wearing a burnt orange teddy bear coat. Except hers was hundreds of dollars. This one is $35. I am not telling you that this jacket is even close to comparison to what Danielle Bernstein promotes and wears. I am telling you that this is an affordable jacket that gives you the same trendy look as Danielle Bernstein. Is the jacket good quality? Well, it’s not going to keep you warm in the middle of a snow storm in NYC, but you can wear it  on those cooler days and nights during the year. SF is always cool and this jacket is perfect for 50-70 degree weather.  I am wearing a silver two piece track suit under it, which I find to be cool. Usually, I prefer a more polished look over a sporty look, but I thought I’d give the comfortable, tomboy look a shot. I wear the top separately quite a bit, so I am very happy about this purchase. And lastly, are the Celine Tilda look-a-like sunglasses. Yes, they look exactly the same, but they are 1/20th of the price. All I ask is that you at least consider saving your money on accessories like sunglasses via Amazon Fashion.


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