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Thigh highs, oh my!

thigh high boots $63/ knit sweater $29/


I was feeling very avant-garde when I ordered these babies! They are $63 and the brand is Pleaser (ironic, I know). When I opened my package at home in Virginia, my mom says, those are very Bella Hadid ! I get my style from my mother, and let me tell ya, she has her “Pleaser” style tendencies too and always has. I remember going through my mom’s suitcase as a kid when her and my dad would go on their parent only vacations, and I’d find some scandalous clothing in her bag! Of course, you shouldn’t go through your parents things if you know better. I did know better, but I was always intrigued by the idea of my mom dressed in her skin tight, low cut dresses in St. Tropez with my dad. I can see it now. Mother of five kids and rocking out in Europe with her husband, dancing on tables. I love it! Let’s get back on track. The sweater is from Elf Sack (one of my favorite brands for unique pieces on AF). It’s under $30 and the quality is no different than a sweater you’d buy at Nordstrom for $100. It can technically be worn as a sweater dress as I am doing in this shot. The faux collar is adorable too and I haven’t seen many similar sweaters before. You go Elf Sack!

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