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Embroidered is always in

embroidered jacket $70/ hale jeans $50/ studded flats $50/


The struggle is REAL in this photo. Imagine having to take photos in the windiest city in the world. That’s my everyday life. Yes, I love what I do, but could the weather help me out more? Definitely. I love SF, but it’s definitely not the best place for taking photos outside. This photo makes me laugh because I remember how frustrated I was this day, talking to myself under my breath and wiping the snot from my face as I tried to get ONE photo to post. I didn’t get my beautiful post that I had hoped for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my love for this embroidered leather jacket! It’s $70 and I was drawn to the unique design all over the jacket, especially the back. This jacket is thick and keeps you warm, which I needed as my other leather jackets are more lightweight. The jeans are from brand Hale, which I recently discovered on AF and adore. Their cropped jeans are perfect for us short ladies as I’m 5’4 and usually have to get my jeans altered.  The studded flats have Valentino vibes, and I’m positive you’ll make wear the heck out of these at work and out with the ladies. The $50 price also leaves your wallet happy.



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