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Taylor Swift vibes

white fringe dress $69/ pleaser seduce boots $60thigh high boots $70/ same boots knee high $63/

If you haven’t seen the Taylor Swift “Delicate” music video, here is a link to it. She is wearing a gorgeous custom made Fringe dress that she dances in the rain in and takes the bottom half of the dress off. Once the bottom half is off, it looks just like this white one! The brand of the dress is Hego, and the quality of their clothing is superb. This dress is $69 and feels much more expensive. The base material is bandage so it is snug and doesn’t rid up when you move, or dance in my case. The fishnet detail is also beautifully done and my favorite part. I am wearing a small and the sizing guidelines are accurate. I paired it with my Bella Hadid boots that have been a crowd pleaser from the start. I mean, how could they not. They look couture, yet they are $60. I never thought I would be the type of girl to wear these boots, but for $60, everyone is that type of girl. I am wearing a size 6, my normal size, and they fit a bit snug. If I could size up, I would. Also, I have strong legs so I was very pleased when they zipped up all of the way. The material is stiff so the boots don’t ride down when you walk. I hope y’all like the T Swift and Bella combination.




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