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If you think I woke up like crazy. Your girl did NOT wake up like this. Do you see that bottle of red wine in my room? Yeah, I like wine, which means I get breakouts. I also like a lot of things, but we can discuss that later.  I DO WORK on my skin and I have a strict regimen. About a year ago I had so many tiny, under the skin pimples on my face that I had a mental breakdown and booked the most expensive facial in SF that I could find. I found Lisa Eddy, and she was my skin saving grace! I am so “cheap” (hate that word, but it’s true)  sometimes, that I realized I had been cheap on my skin for my entire 20s. Your skin is your face and where your money should be going. At 25 years old, I needed to start taking care of my face and putting in the money for the right products. The most important word is RIGHT. You can spend all you want at CVS and get the cheap Clean & Clear products like I did. However, if you have real acne prone skin, that is GARBAGE. If you’re one of those girls who can skip washing her face for a month and not break out once, then go ahead, get your clean and clear on. I AM NOT that girl. I get a pimple by just staring at pizza. It’s like the grease on the pizza comes off and floats through the air and lands on only my face. I can’t even be in the same room with pizza! I hope you get my point now. Now, about my regimen….

Everyday ritual:

  1. Wash with my Osmosis cleanser every morning: OSMOSIS is the best! The lovely and talented woman giving me a facial, Lisa Eddy, on the day that I had my pimple breakdown a year ago recommended and sold me the Osmosis line. She also told me to throw away everything I was using from the drugstore which included Neutrogena and Clean & Clear. She explained that those products were actually harming my skin because of all of the chemicals in them. She also told me the foundation I was using was clogging my skin as well. And she was right! I listened to her and threw away all of my products and my makeup. Yes, all of my makeup. It was painful at first, but the new products dramatically changed my skin. She told me to only use this powder my skin for a month to clear up and unclog my skin. It doesn’t have much coverage so it wasn’t ideal to only wear this day in and day out, but I listened. I’m so happy that I did because within a couple of weeks I was a changed woman. I had clear skin and didn’t have to wear layers of makeup to cover it up anymore. This face wash is $37.
  2. Apply my Osmosis face lotion: I swear this is the first face lotion that has not clogged my skin. I have extremely opinionated and moody pores, and they usually get pretty angry with a lot of lotions. This lotion is $60.
  3. Apply my ISUN clarifying serumMy face loves this serum so much. If I pick at my face (which I do sometimes, sigh) this serum calms down my skin immediately. I go from red and irritated to healthy and dewy in a matter of minutes. I mean if you read the ingredients, it all makes sense. The ingredients are: Aloe vera, Rosemary distillate, Willowherb extract, Willow bark extract, Neem extract, MSM, Niacinamide, Manuka oil, Lemon myrtle oil, and Lavender oil. All things that soothe and calm. This is $44.
  4. Laura Mercier primer: This primer is very light and moisturizing. I am careful with the primers I use as some clog my pores. This one is great and under $30.
  5. Wear my La Bella Donna foundation: This is the loose mineral foundation that Lisa Eddy recommended to me and changed my skin forever. I can never go back to drugstore makeup again. This is extremely lightweight and at first it feels like you are wearing nothing, but in return your skin will not break out. This is not for extreme coverage, but for a lightweight base that evens out your skin tone.
  6. Beauty For Real Bronze + Glo Cream: Applying some color to my pale skin brightens up my day. I love a little tan checkbone action and this one is easy to travel with and  apply. It’s $24.

Every night ritual:

  1. Wash with my Osmosis cleanser. 
  2. Apply my Eva Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum: I purchased this product because of one of my favorite bloggers Chriselle Lim. She uses this serum and I adore her and her skin is amazing. This product smooths fine line and wrinkles and is very gentle on the skin. I also appreciated that Chriselle was promoting a product that was very affordable. This one is $15. 
  3. Apply Dr. Dennis Gross C + Collagen Serum: This product has lasted me 5 months y’all! I’m impressed by the results and how long it lasts. This was also recommended by Chriselle Lim and its stellar reviews on Amazon made it easy to commit. This one is $70.
  4. Apply Osmosis lotion if needed.
  5. Apply FineVine Eye Gel: There are so many good under eye gels out there ladies. It took me some research to find this one and I’m proud of it. It isn’t as extreme as some others, but definitely works and only costs $17. The reviews are insanely good on Amazon as well with 656 reviews and almost a perfect 5 stars.


  1. Purifying mask with Zinc and Sulfur: I use this once a week, especially when I am traveling. This is for those of you have breakouts. You leave it on for ten minutes and it leaves your skin feeling so clean and smooth. I also added some similar ones on Amazon as I get mine from Lisa Eddy:
    1. Murad mask $25
    2. M.A.D Skincare Spot On Zinc And Sulfur Mask $32
  2. Le Mieux Moisture Mask: This is great for moisture and I try and use every other week. This is my ultimate travel mask because you can easily travel with it. This pack comes with 4 and dismiss on the reviews that said they received the wrong product. That has nothing to do with the mask. The mask is wonderful and $18 for 4. 
  3. Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask: This product is reviewed by 2,977 people on Amazon! It truly does decongest your skin and for $15 it is worth it.



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