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Comfortable must-haves

I recently decided to invest in comfortable AND stylish work-from-home clothes. I’m tired of looking like a bum when I am simply not a bum.  Also, this is known as causal leisure wear lol. I still had my old college tees and others that were handed down to me from my older siblings that I tried to make cute and it was just not working anymore. I’m 26 and I needed to invest in being the cutest, comfiest, hanging at home by myself woman that I always wanted to be. Thats a joke, but you get my point! Most importantly, I wanted to do it without spending a lot of money. I feel pretty good about my finds and I hope you like because these are my absolute favorites! Note: I am wearing a size small in everything, except the polar bear fur is one size. I have lots more to share, but this is a start!


I call this my polar bear fur. Its $20 and the best money I’ve spent this year.  I wear this ALL the time. A lot of my followers have also joined the polar bear club and agree it’s amazing.


This sweater is everything. My followers love it as well because it’s such a unique sweater and the material is heavy so it keeps you warm.


The Rebel Canyon romper is too freaking cute and I wear it while working from home all the time. Its only $30. Life’s more fun when you have an adorable and easy to throw on romper to cook pancakes in!


You have definitely seen this oversized knit sweater all over social media, except it’s way over priced. This one is a deal in comparison at $69. There is something so cute about the gramma sweater look and this sweater screams gramma chic.


Who doesn’t love some pineapple pjs? These are fun for vacation or just hanging at home on a nice summer night. They are $23 and I am wearing an x-small.


This knit sweater is only $18 and the same exact one is being sold for $60 at Urban Outfitters. I have it in baby blue as well. I love the sleeves and the tie-up front.


This oversized fleece sweatshirt is my dream come true. I love the material and the color brightens up my wardrobe. This sweater is $43.


Who doesn’t love a good onesie butt?!This one is like the other one, but it doesn’t have the slits in the knee. I saw a VS Angel wearing something similar so I had to buy one for myself.


Yes, this is a matching plaid set! It’s only $30.  It only costs $28 and you can buy it in other colors as well.


These photos are really making me laugh at myself not going to lie….But how cute is this onesie! It’s $30. I love the drawstring and the off-the-shoulder. I love throwing this on when I’m hanging out alone, which is quite often.


I am very into biking shorts as they are pretty darn comfortable and longer than normal shorts. These are $15. Bella Hadid has been rocking biking shorts out lately. The chenille sweater is also a favorite and it’s only $27!


OKAY, so…I really like jogger pants. These are $25 and very high waisted so they look good with a lot of tops. I paired it with a bodysuit in this photo.


Another pair of jogger pants that I wear around the house are these $20 lace-up ones from SweatyRocks. This $18 ribbed drawstring sweater is from Dezzal and I also own it in pink. It’s light and I can wear it year round in SF.

Side note: I think it’s refreshing to see people without makeup and with their natural hair. I did a DIY photoshoot in my room right after I showered, so the photos are far from glamourous.


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