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2 piece sets must-haves

The trend lately has been children clothing for adults… And I love it. Even though I’m closer to 30 than I am 20, I still appreciate looking lovable. What’s more lovable than plaid matching sets? The funny thing is, brands like Revolve still find a way to overcharge the heck out of us for these dainty little sets of clothing.  Well, don’t buy into that as I doubt this will be considered trendy next summer. Sorry Revolve, but you can’t honestly make me believe that itty bitty outfit is worth $150. This is where Colette Prime comes in.  I added some of my favorite two piece set recommendations below and will be adding photos of myself as soon as I can get them. Have some fun with these and think of yourself as not only out in public, but instead cooking some pancakes on a sunny summer morning. I love to hang out alone and I also love to look cute while doing it. You go Glen Coco and you wear that itty bitty child outfit!


This $18 button down crop top set is very stylish this summer and I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing this. The material is better than expected and I’m not wearing a bra, so it is not see through.


This lemon printed set has been a favorite among my followers. It’s the perfect outfit for a tropical vacation or for a stroll through a Sunday farmer’s market. It also comes in a sunflower print. You can almost see the shadow of the tripod on my dress in this shot.


See how much fun I’m having looking like a 6 year old again?!   This $20 plaid set is just what I wanted because the shorts come up very high and have an oversized look to them. I can see why not everyone would love that, but for my 5’4 petite frame it works.

With shorts:

With skirts:

With pants:


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