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My summer must-haves!

This is a list of my most recent purchases for my travels this summer. I thought it would be fun to show y’all what’s going with me to Mexico, France, and Montauk in the next couple of months. I have a separate post for swimsuits and coverups. This is mainly some of my favorite summer outfits and travel necessities.


This bright pink silk dress is just lovely. I have packed on all of my trips so far and it doesn’t get one wrinkle! It’s $50 and I’m wearing a small. These $30 white pumps are comfortable and perfect for the summer. This clear purse looks designer and it’s only $23.


mini floral dress S $37. I have heard that if you have a big chest, the dress is too low cut. For my tiny chest, it’s perfect.



This is a $32 men’s white jean jacket that I adore because it’s oversized and that’s the look I was going for. It’s crisp white, so it looks best with jeans. I tried wearing it with one of my white jeans, but it didn’t work because the jeans were off white. These $22 jean shorts have that oversized look to them. They are perfect for the pool or beach.


This is the coolest jean jacket ladies! It’s only $35 and I promise you will wear the heck out of it. It looks like the same one that Gigi is wearing in her 75 questions with Vogue interview.


This $37 dress is from a new brand I recently found on AF, En Creme. It’s adorable and the fabric is surprisingly heavy. I wouldn’t recommend this dress if you were top heavy as it gets very tight in the chest area. I’m wearing a small.


This little red dress is absolutely adorable and the star print is patriotic and fashionable. It’s $16 and the quality is surprisingly nice. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone thats taller than 5’6, as it’s very short. I’m obsessed with my new look-a-like Gucci bag. It took me hours to find, so, if you see it on someone else’s blog, you know they got it from me!


This little $9 mesh ruched dress as a swimsuit cover up was a hit at some beach clubs in Europe this summer. These $27 silver heeled white shoes are very comfortable and have become my go-to heels this summer.

To be photographed soon…






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