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Professional must-haves

Oh girl, you better believe that when I was a CPA I bought all of my professional clothing from Amazon. Why? Because I was broke as can be making very little money and trying to live my best life. Banana Republic became Gucci real quick. A mock neck sweater dress for $200 …..that was going to have to wait until Christmas morning. So, here are my best kept secrets for professional clothing on AF. As a reference, I’m wearing a small in almost everything, unless I state differently. Also, remember that a lot of the items come in multiple colors!

** I have an entire section dedicated to work pants in my “Pants must-haves” blog post**


This $55 taupe blazer is from a brand that just does everything right, Alexander & David. I paired it with other tonal colors, because I really love that combination. These pink wide leg $25 pants are one of my favorites and this shade of pink is very necessary to have in your wardrobe.


I made this suit become a suit all on my own, and it’s exciting when you piece together something that works. The pinstripe pants are $25 and you’ll see me wearing them ALL of the time. The fabric is some kinda heaven sent and the elastic waist is also a plus. The pinstripe button blouse is $28 and very sophisticated looking. The brand is Aomei, one of my favorites for business casual looks.


These $35 red boot-cut slacks are high-waisted and the material is surprisingly heavy. I was very surprised that these pants were wrinkle free, which is a big deal when you sit in a chair for 8 or more hours a day. Five stars in my book baby!


This pearl button blazer is $55 and worth every dollar. Clearly, I forgot to wear a shirt underneath it for this photo, as the blazer is damn good on it’s own.


If these strange poses don’t bring a smile to your face, I’m not sure what will. It gets boring just standing and smiling when you take photos of yourself all day. And besides these pants are groovy so they needed a groovy pose. These $30 plaid boot-cut pants rock and if you don’t like bootcut then roll up the bottoms for a more straight leg. The best thing about these pants is they stretch and are comfortable to sit in all day. Nothing gets me more frustrated than wrinkly pants at work. The brand, Rekucci, has pleasantly surpassed my pants expectations. This $17 puff sleeve bodysuit is also work appropriate and $20.


This $43 trench coat looks like Burberry and people actually think that it is. It comes in khaki too, which I’ve been tempted to buy as well. This $23 dress is so flattering! The ruched middle is very helpful and keeps you looking lean. It  comes in every color too.



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