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Work out must-haves

Nothing makes me more frustrated than overpriced workout clothes. First, we have to pay for an expensive gym membership or a Class Pass type of package to stay in shape. Second, we have to look somewhat stylish when we work out, otherwise we feel like complete bums compared to the other women working out. When we feel like bums, we don’t work out as hard because our insecurity sends us out the gym doors very quickly. Third, the styles for work out clothing change every month so in order to stay trendy we absolutely want to buy the gosh dang, white leggings with the heart on the butt. Fourth, we are lucky if we have laundry in our city apartments, and if we don’t, we better have spares of everything or else we run out of work out clothes every week. After all of this, we are BROKE. So, I’m here to help you spend less money on the clothes so you feel less worse about your monthly credit card statement. Maybe you can even pay off that statement if you shop smart ūüôā

*This is just the start of this post*

Side note: If this photoshoot doesn’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what will. I feel like a complete goose when I make poses in my bedroom, but I’m a goose that wants to help. I can’t help if I don’t take the damn photos in the clothes!


This $30 zip up hoodie looks good and feels good. The $25 jogger pants are fun to layer with on the way to the gym.


These $16 white mesh leggings are well made and make some heads turn at the gym…in a good way! This $12 workout top is sturdy and sweat proof. I love it for cycle class.


This $15 sports bra is comfortable enough to sleep in. The back is criss cross and very Lulu like.


These $33 floral printed leggings from RBX, another workout brand I love, are amazing. The pattern is really pretty and the control top keeps me in place.


This $19 pullover has a 90’s hip style to it. ¬†I’m wearing a medium because I didn’t want it to be that cropped. These $23 star leggings are from 90 Degree Reflex, and they are by far my favorite leggings


These blue ink leggings come as a two-piece set with a matching sports bra (in the above photo) for $30. I bought them because they were unique and the price is right.


This $14 workout v neck tee is really great to workout in and loose fitted. Breathable is the best way to describe it.


These $25 sneakers are the best thing that happened to my workout wardrobe. I have them in 3 colors and I can never go back to another sneaker. They never once gave me blisters, they have support, and they look good. These $30 grey leggings are RBX and my favorite capri leggings.


This $27 cropped hoodie is really soft and I love this color. The material is breathable and you look like a workout boss in this.


This $26¬†pullover is more stylish than practical, but it’s still very nice. ¬†The¬†color block mesh leggings are one of my first pairs that I bought on AF years ago. Clearly, the quality is good as they’ve been washed many times. They are $15.


Open-back tees are stylish and practical so your sweaty back can get some air. This one is $14.


These $15 biking shorts are comfortable and a nice alternative to your running shorts. I like to keep everything in when I work out, and these keep my thighs looking toned. The control top is key!


This¬†workout tank top¬†comes in a pack of two for $20. The brand is 90 degree reflex and I love their workout clothes. Y’all will definitely see me posting a lot of their stuff.


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