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Accessories must-haves

I used to be the girl who had two purses that she used year round and it always included one hand me down from my older sister. Last year, I was using my sister’s five year old Coach tote for work. This year I’m Colette Prime and I see the world differently. Of course, in the past I could only have two bags a year because I was buying designer bags that I couldn’t really afford. Now, I see the light. Welcome to my bag must-haves post where I include my favorite dupes of all time. Do not think for one second that anyone else can find these. My buying history and detective skills have allowed me to find these purses. Some have never been reviewed, so in order to find them, you have to spend hours on AF. I have vetted the brands and I trust every item is legitimate below. Happy bag shopping!


This $29 clear cross-body purse is dainty and stylish. It comes with a long chain strap and comes in other colors. I got the baby pink to match my new cover up. These $14 white vintage shades are my go-to for the summer.


This Gucci look-a-like bag is perfect for the warmer months. Its heavy and really nice quality for $45. I’m pretty proud of this amazing find.


This fabulous little clear tote bag has been the perfect accessory for my travels.  It’s $35 and comes in many colors. These shades look just like Ray Ban, but these cost $15.


This Chloe look-a-like circular ring handbag is such a deal for $43. It’s tiny yes, but it looks just like the one Beyonce has in her IG posts.

Summer bags:




Waist belts:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.53.16 AM.png



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