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Travel styles

Casual, comfortable, and please don’t talk to me mood.


These $52 boyfriend jeans are really comfortable and you can sit in them for hours without losing circulation. I got the waist altered and recommend sizing down. These $80 Balenciaga sneaker dupes are obviously great for traveling, as you’ve seen the Hadid sisters rocking them in the airport. This $28 button top is from Patty Boutik. I can live in this shirt and it has some style.


If the flight is more than 3 hours, you better believe I have this or my polar bear jacket with me. This $38 teddy bear coat is like sitting with a blanket so when the airplane air starts to blow -10 degrees on you, you are prepared!


My $14 Celine Tilda look-a-like shades are so oversized and they keep everyone from sticking up a very awkward conversation with me. These are probably my favorite travel accessory.


I’m sort of a celebrity mood.


The pink bomber jacket is definitely inspired by the supermodels I follow on IG. This one is $30 and comes in black and green too.


My obsession with these $25 white jogger pants is really something else. I own them in black and white, and definitely recommend as they are really durable and comfortable.


I’m a professional and put together mood.


I love the all black with a stylish blazer look. This taupe blazer is $55 and throwing this on makes you instantly look polished.


These $27 black skinny jeans truly feel like leggings, and my followers can vouch! I can workout in them, and I’ve actually done yoga in them before.  I paired the look with these $30 rose gold loafers, which really ties in beautifully with the taupe blazer and all black.


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