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Tonal colors

This outfit embodies a very relaxed, classic, and simple style. Tonal colors are soothing and I thought the khaki and beige combination would go well with that summer glow we all get from the sun. The hot red shoes break up the tonal shades nicely. I noticed that the  red heels are only available in blue now so I linked two red shoes below as well. Im wearing a small in the shirt and the pants.

Being in Montauk over the 4th of July was wonderful. It’s winter in SF during the summer, so I enjoyed the warm summer air and east coast storms. There is no place like the east coast during the summer. Although, I do have to admit that I was counting down the days to get back to SF to crank out Colette Prime work. Let’s just say that I’m not planning a vacation any time soon. I really only want work these days and anything that isn’t work, feels like a loss. It’s crazy how different I feel about work now that I’ve found my true passion. I think I’ve also grown up a lot over the last year and I’m much more self aware and know what makes me happy. What makes me happy is helping y’all feel confident and save money. I’d much rather spend my day talking to y’all through my Instagram account and searching for deals so y’all can feel empowered by fashion. I’d give up a relaxing day at the beach to connect with each one of you because that is my happy place.

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