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I thoroughly enjoyed this photoshoot in my backyard with the lemon tree. I take my own photos, as most of you know, and sometimes it’s really tough to go out in public with my tripod and start shooting. People love to walk up to me and try and to talk to me and even pull out their phones to take photos/videos of me taking my own photos. You can only imagine how distracting this is. And since I’m alone, I have no one to back me up or keep people from constantly bothering me. So, this photoshoot was fabulous because I had no interruptions! No one made fun of me and no one asked why I was doing what I was doing. You can see how relaxed I am in this shot because of that very fact. I’m wearing a small in this lemon set and it also comes in a sunflower print. The shoes are Miu Miu inspired and they count be more lovely, They come in red and black as well. The tote is the perfect “going to the market” accessory because it can fit lots of goodies inside. I love this look so much.

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