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Cherry bomb

Of course, after driving down the coast of California for 3 hours, it had to be very overcast in Carmel. Yes, I still made the most of it and took as many photos as my body allowed. Which was 700. 700 on self timer, running into place. 700 photos on my tripod. And I will maybe get 1.5 posts out of it. It’s all part of the DIY game and it’s how I choose to do things with Colette Prime. One day I’ll hire a side chick to take my photos and it will be ten times more efficient.

I wasn’t too happy with the original gloomy photos so I redid them and changed my bottoms. I had the matching cherry bottoms and the set is just adorable. I’m wearing a small both.

The Carmel photo:

This cherry button front blouse has such a lovely shape to it and would be flattering on most body types. It’s appropriate enough for a family brunch and feminine enough for a hot date. I’m wearing a small and keep in mind it is a bit cropped for you longer midriff ladies. I paired it with this asymmetrical jean skort. I love the buttons and the unusual hem line. A follower ordered this and she said it was a size too small. Keep that in mind, as I am only 5’4. The last touch are the platform sandals in gold. I have had these for over a year and worn the heck out of them. I did not expect them to last this long! My friends also adore their pairs and my best friend even wore them a full day at Coachella. Yes, this means they are extremely comfortable.


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