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Summer Haul

My camera broke as I didn’t have it secured on my tropod tight enough. So, this is only the start of this post. I am getting a new camera this week to finish taking photos!

Size up in the shirt if you want a looser fit. I ordered a medium so it wouldn’t be so snug on my arms. The skirt is really great with these kinds of tees. I recommend sizing up in the skirt as well if you have bigger hips. I got my normal size as I’m more narrow.


Tall girls- this set is for y’all! I got the pants altered by 4 inches. This set is superb quality and I will be rocking this well into the fall. I’m wearing a small and it also comes in hot pink.


(**CURRENTLY SOLD OUT** I reached out to the seller and will post about it when it is back in stock.)

This set is for the girl that likes to look feminine and classy. I love the polka dots ad the stripe down the sides. The open back makes it more sexy and if you wanted to cover that up you could wear it with a light blazer or jacket. The wind is blowing in the picture below, so the top is more open as it’s very flowy. I love how breezy and comfortable the look is.


I ordered a small in this striped set, and realized I should have gotten the s-small for the pants. It’s a little oversized, but I still am wearing the heck out of it. I also got this in green.

I’ve seen similar tops to this one for $90. No thank you! I love how feminine this top is. My little boobs don’t fill it up as well as other ladies, but I still feel like it’s very flattering/ The button up skort is such a great addition in my closet and the asymmetrical hem is very popular. A follower of mine said that it was too short on her as she is almost 6 foot. I’m 5’4 and it’s the perfect length on me.




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