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Blue striped set

Tall girls this one is for you! I have ordered so many things on Amazon that are 5 inches too long on me, as I’m 5’4. This hadn’t been reviewed before so I ordered it for myself to share with my followers who were asking for some pants that were long.  I got 5 inches taken off the pants, so for an additional $25 I had a custom fit outfit. That is still less expensive than a set you would find in a boutique…trust me. I’m happy I got it because my tall followers were very thankful. Also,t he two piece set trend is not going anywhere as everyone I know can’t get enough! I can still wear the pants separately, which makes this outfit a 2 for 1.

I’m wearing a small.

I took this at an intersection in a neighborhood in Tiburon. I literally pulled over to the side, hopped out with my tripod, and starting shooting. Luckily, Tiburon isn’t a busy place and very few cars drove by. Im used to constantly being harassed in SF, so shooting in Tiburon is such a nice break. The wind is also less aggressive than the city and sometimes I need a break from it when taking photos.

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