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Jonny Boy

The title of this post is “Jonny Boy” because there is a poster on the wall next to me that reads “Jonny.” I was drawn to this poster because of his pose. I love a good pose. I would have done the same pose if I wasn’t a clean freak and could bare getting on the ground. After this photo we took an Uber to Montmarte, the artist district. The Uber driver barley spoke English, but he wanted to so badly practice his speaking skills on us. My boyfriend and I chatted away in the back and we said the name Jonny. The Uber driver lit up with a big smile and said “OH JONNY! Je sais JONNY! et et et musician!” He was so happy to be able to interpret something we were talking about in the back seat. I can speak a little French so I chatted with him, and basically, Jonny is a big star in France. For the rest of the trip we had a joke about the lovely Jonny boy. We added the boy to his name because it just sounded so funny to say “Jonny Boy” in a heavy French accent.

Montmarte is one of my favorite places that I have ever been. My mother recommended that we go to this area to people watch and get a caricature of us done.  Her email reads: “Take an Uber to Montmartre to see all of Paris from the highest point and the beautiful Sacre Coeur- Sacred Heart. Walk up to Place de Tertre – where artists are painting and someone will approach y’all to do your sketch – do it and negotiate the price to about 20 euros then buy a sketch tube to travel with it – about 3 euros.  Drink rose and watch the artists paint !” We did exactly what she said to do and had the best day watching the artists and the crowd, all while eating lunch at one of the cafes overlooking the area.

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