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Club 55

My mother and father have been coming to St. Tropez for a little over 20 years. They are experts. They know exactly where to eat, where to walk, where to swim, and where to avoid all crowds. My mom had a travel website called French Dream Vacations. She has a real passion for helping people travel the right way to the south of France and St. Barts. The right way means avoiding crowds, avoiding long lines, and knowing when and where to be in these hot spot places. If you go to a place like St. Barts or St. Tropez, you want some guidance. This isn’t a place for just anyone to plop down and say OKAY let’s do this. I mean you could do this, but you would regret it. Why? Well, because these places are truly exquisite and they deserve a little extra effort into planning and understanding the culture. And after all, it makes it all the more worth it when you spend an ENTIRE day traveling to the south of france and you don’t have to fall for the tourist traps. I mean, thats a real gift to give someone. The power of knowing how to do a place RIGHT is a gift that keeps on giving.

I went to St. Tropez with my mom the first week of September this year and it was just us girls. We went to Club 55, our absolute favorite lunch place on a day like this day. This day was a Monday and it was just after the high season. If you go to St. Tropez in July or August, you might not ever make it into Club 55. But come September, you’re the queen on the place. We made a reservation for lunch the morning of, which is not even possible in high season. They sat us in the best seat, overlooking the entire restaurant and crowd. You must people watch in St. Tropez. The people are extremely interesting and inspiring. I always feel the best energy when the people around me are happy and relaxed, and Club 55 is the spot for good energy. You want a good seat so you can sit there for 4 or 5 hours, sipping on 1 or 2 bottles of their house Rose, and ordering your food as slow or as fast as you want. My mother and I ordered the moules et frites, which is one of the best dishes to get anywhere in St. Tropez. Nibbling on fries, sipping rose, and watching some of the best dressed women and men do the same thing: three things that make any girl happy. Fashion, fries, and freedom baby! I just made up the freedom part because I needed another F word ;).



Some other things you should know about Club 55 before you go. Wear white! White is the color in St. Tropez. You want to be a goddess, yes, but make it a white maxi dress goddess.  You’ll notice there is a unspoken dress code of all white at Club 55. I am all about knowing the unspoken rules of any place I visit. The next thing is that ALWAYS always, always, say bonjour to the hostess and staff with a big gaping smile. Your attempt to speak French to the French goes a very long way. Make a good impression, especially when the staff has the power to seat you wherever they want. If you want to get the good people watching seat, you need to be NICE. You can’t be the foreigner who ignores the fact that they are a foreigner. Know your place and you’ll be treated much better. Another tip is to make a reservation through the concierge at your hotel. If you have them call for you, the chance of you getting a reservation is much higher. Use the concierge all the time as that’s what they are there for!


A photo of the delicious Rose my mother and I were sipping before our moules came


This is the beach club area of Club 55. Take a walk on the boardwalk straight ahead and get a full view of the gorgeous Mediterranean. You can also see all of the beach clubs along the beach. Maybe a group of people right off yacht will be dropped off while you’re on the boardwalk too. I love seeing the yacht groups come in to Club 55 for lunch.


We drank the first wine under Vins Roses. This is Club 55’s house Rose and it is delicious! Add some ice cubes to your glass if you prefer to drink slowly like myself. They will bring the ice scooper with the bottle to do so.


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