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Ernest Hemingway

I wore this dress on our Ernest Hemingway night in Paris. What is an Ernest Hemingway night? Well, if you are obsessed with Pappa Hem like me, you want to do a couple things in Paris like he once did. End up at the Ritz Carlton bar inspired by him solely, order one of their classic martinis, and you will be one happy gal. It’s a very intimate bar in the best way possible. Dress the part and you’ll feel like a star. When we went in August, we sat right next to the lead singer of Oasis. My boyfriend almost fainted, it was precious. I chose this dress because it was elegant, sophisticated, and flattering. I just got these heels for Paris and I must admit my boyfriend was a big fan. They are pointed and have two plastic straps. The pink shade is gorgeous too. I’m wearing a small in this dress and make sure to read the sizing guidelines.


This is Alex holding up the menu at Les Deux Magots. Ernest Hemingway used to frequent the restaurant to write. We came here to be on theme with Papa Hem night. We sat outside with our backs to the glass windows, a prime seat for people watching. We ordered the best Burgundy on the menu and I had all the bread as Alex is gluten free. It’s good to fill up with bread when you drink a heavy red. I’m a vegetarian so it’s hard to drink red on just a stomach full of vegetables. I’m a pro now and know that I must include in the bread if I want to last out.


This is a photo of our martinis at the Bar Hemingway in the Ritz. Goodness they were both delicious.  The server/guy who runs the place gave me a rose with mine 🙂 He’s handsome and has muscles the size of Thor. I believe he is British. This is where we sat two feet from the lead singer of Oasis. He had just performed in Paris and was sitting there with two women. My boyfriend is a HUGE Oasis fan, and I swear he was in shock. We kept it cool though. After all, we wouldn’t have been seated next to a rock star if they expected us to blow his cover. I appreciate these kind of unspoken rules.  I guess this rule was “don’t point out that anyone is famous if you get seated next to them.” We were happy to oblige.


Here is the Hemingway suite where he once stayed during his Paris days. I can’t imagine how expensive this room is a night. It must be exquisite, as the Ritz was under construction for a couple years and just re-opened.

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