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Fall Haul



If velvet and chenille had a love child, it would be this $24 dress. One of my followers said it was very Blair Waldorf, and I could not agree more.


If you need a leather jacket that’s lightweight, great quality, and inexpensive, this one is FOR YOU. We all need two kinds of leather jackets. The first is the one we wear as part of our outfit and not to be taken off. We wear a lingerie bodysuit under it and keep the jacket on at all times. This is that jacket and its $40. The other leather jacket is the one that we layer with and wear with our chunky sweaters under. That is below! So keep scrolling. This skirt is my edgy dirty dancing skirt. Pu this on for your next date and that boy will be on you like butter and rice! HA. Get it? Because butter melts quick on HOT rice. And you are the hot rice! Anyways, this pleated skirt is $20 and comes in 5 other wonderful colors.


This $12 leopard print top is perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. I’ve worn it every weekend since I’ve had it, which is 3 weekends. Pair it with your favorite leather pants or these $38 high waisted, wide-leg jeans and you have a look. I’m wearing a medium in the top and I suggest sizing up.


This $10 mock neck comes in every color so just get a couple. You can thank me later. It’s thin and the one you want to wear with a nice leather jacket. This faux leather skirt is on a really good sale this fall, and some colors are as low as $10. This pink one was $15 and I’m wearing an XS. The skirt is a DEAL and my brown one has lasted me since last fall. And I wear it a lot! The knee highs are my babies. I have a couple babies. This $40 suede pair will not ride down and the boot is comfortable. I repeat, it’s a comfortable boot!


Two-piece sets for the fall! Yes! You know you’re interested. This plaid set is $55 and had never been reviewed before (the seller was also unreviewed, so I took a risk with this purchase). The higher price tag made me pretty confident about the quality. I’m wearing a small and I recommend pairing it with a mock neck sweater, like this $20 one. Make sure it’s easy to tuck in so you don’t appear too bulky as the coat is supposed to be a bit baggy. I paired it with my new dad sneakers that are $43. These are comfortable and not as bulky and heavy as my other dad sneakers. I like these for travel as they aren’t too heavy, but provide a lot of support. I sized down to a 5 and I’m usually a 6.


Imma turn into a kimono at this point. My obsesses does not end here either. This one is $37 and the velvet floral design is quite lovely. The fringe bottom gives you a little attitude like “Gone with the wind fabulous!” Under the kimono I am wearing my $10 mock neck and $38 wide leg black jeans. These jeans are COOL. They are cropped, high waisted, and wide leg, which is very in style this year. Tall and short girls can wear these jeans which is REVOLUTIONARY.



Mock necks are forever going to be my staple fall look. And this one is so silky! And a beautiful blue shade. It’s 20 and I’m wearing a medium. These zipper jeans are very rocker babe and $30. I’m wearing a small and might get them taken in a couple inches in the waist. I wore them out today for photos and my love has only grown fonder.


I have this $30 teddy bear coat in black and this lovely cream color. I got a medium instead of my normal small size, as I wanted it to be a bigger so I could layer easily. The zipper isn’t the best zipper I’ve ever come across, but it works! I always think, if the company could just spend another $10 for a functional zipper, I’d still pay for it. When I have my own clothing company, that is one thing I will definitely remember 😉  It’s funny because our AC just broke and the only way to keep it on is if it’s set at 62, so my apartment has been freezing this week. I have worn this everyday to stay warm and it has been my polar bear fur for the time being. SO, if you want to know if its warm, yes it keeps you warm.

This $35 grey mock neck sweater is extremely soft and I raved about it on Instagram. My girls love it! It comes in 6 colors, but a follower told me the beige color is not very pretty. I would go with the other 5 colors if you are not into that. Nothing is worse than an itchy sweater! The sweater comes down long and has two side slits. If you’re looking for a work sweater that covers your BUM, this is a great call. You can wear leggings with it and no one will notice ! That is my work wardrobe dream come true.


Oh baby, give me all of the Chenille sweaters! This one is $30 and I love the midnight blue shade. It says it’s “velvet,” but it feels like Chenille to me. Same thing! Also, why am I capitalizing the world Chenille? Is it because it almost sounds like Chanel when I say it out loud? Anyways, I am going to keep it capitalized. I am petite (5’4) so I can wear it as a dress technically, which I love. I’m wearing a small and am going to get a grey one in a medium. The medium would be the perfect length to make it a sweater dress for going out. The small is more for hanging around the house and then I have to throw on leggings when I leave.


It’s hard for me to find a bodycon sweater dress that I truly like. I’m petite, so a lot of the times the dress swallows me whole because there is too much fabric in the mid section. This $21 ribbed sweater dress does not swallow me whole and it is actually the perfect amount of bodycon. It hugs me where I want it to. The red stripe is preppy and I will love wearing this with my knee high boots this fall.


The zipper sleeves!! This is a $30 chic, cropped sweater. It comes in two sizes and I got the 2-10 size. You definitely need to pair it with high waisted bottoms, like these $55 tummy control leather pants.


This $30 cable knit sweater had great reviews, so I decided I needed some wine red in my life. The sweater is long and it’s too much fabric for my petite frame. I took it to my lovely alterations lady and got it taken in on the sides. Now, it is perfect for my body! This was taken prior to the alterations, so you can see how it’s a little baggy. This $25 corduroy button skirt is for my petite ladies!


This is a good transitional sweater from summer to fall. It’s not fully committed to cold weather with the off-the-shoulder style. I’m also not fully committed to cold weather as fall is the best time of year in SF. This $25 fringe sweater also comes in 2 other colors. I went to an event a month ago that talked about the upcoming trends, and “Americanaaa” was one of them. Apparently that means lots of fringe? So, this is me saying this sweater is trendy 🙂


I love black, white, and grey, so why not throw them all in together in one sweater? This $10 mock neck is soft and lightweight. I wanted it to be cropped so I could pair it with my fall skirts. This $28 black suede skirt has a subtle reptile pattern, which is very trendy right now. The pattern isn’t too much in your face as you sort of have to be in the light or up close to really see it, which I like. A subtle edge to any look is always nice. It’s a nice length and I love the zipper look. I’m wearing a small in both.



Button closure, polka dot, chiffon blouse. I’M IN! This top is $20 and is one of my favorites from a brand I’ve been shopping for years. They also made the cherry dress that was such a hit this past summer. Size up in this if you have any kind of chest.

I just found out that a brand I love is now available on Amazon: Shop Akira! I used to shop them years ago and I loved their street style, edgy vibes. They are absolutely killing it with their fashion on Amazon and I am happy to see their prices are reasonable. This $45 neon yellow hoodie caught my eye right away.  I love a good pop of color and I love a comfortable hoodie. We are in the era of comfortable clothes and I am happy to own as many hoodies as possible. Besides, I want to look like Ariana Grande too! She is queen of comfortable hoodies and knee highs.



This $38 off-white mock neck sweater is just the right amount of cropped to show that you 1.) have a butt and 2.) that you appreciate a high waisted pair of jeans. It comes in 3 other colors and the dark green and red are really speaking to me. Finding a sweater that doesn’t have too much fabric in the middle and doesn’t make me look like a pumpkin is harder than it seems. This sweater is a good length and could tuck in if needed. It’s also cozy and warm. I’m wearing a small.

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