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Jackets- Winter 2019

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I’m living in a care bear world when I wear this lavender faux fur coat. I got it on sale for $51 and the price changes every day because weird things happen on Amazon all the time. This is my favorite colored faux fur out of all of them.



_DSC0962.jpgWe can all aspire to be like a fox this winter. Instead we should just be one! This off- white faux fur is the best one you will find (trust me) that looks $400 and costs 1/4 of that. It’s $95 and I’m proud of it. (wearing a small)





This leopard jacket makes the fashion lovers world go round! Bold statement, I know. It’s $75 and I am wearing a men’s small (US S). Yes, it is men’s! I frequently buy men’s clothing on amazon when I don’t see what I am looking for in women’s. I bought it for my boyfriend too, but the arms were so short. It looked hilarious on him.


Details: $55 puffer jacket that is not cropped  and looks $150! The hood is probably my favorite part. And the really deep pockets that can hold my life.

_DSC6159Details: The teddy bear look is not going anywhere! I mean, it makes sense why we would want to walk around looking like a cute stuffed animal. This coat is $70 and I’m wearing the US S.


IMG_9565_Facetune_08-01-2019-11-49-35.JPGDetails: You definitely stand out in this double breasted, white peacoat. Especially in a very hectic New York City. I love this photo so much and I don’t think it would be as magical as it is without the white coat.  It’s $140 and looks $350. Meghan Markle would be proud!



_DSC4470Details: This is the perfect puffer jacket for a mild winter day. It was 5o degrees this past weekend in SF, so I wore it both Saturday and Sunday with my favorite high waisted jeans. The best part is the back says “positive vibes” on the collar. And that it’s under $40.


_DSC1285-2Jean jackets make the world go round. This one is $40 and looks best with your favorite high waisted jeans and a fitted top or bodysuit. I was in Palm Springs wearing this so I opted out for wearing a top, as you can see. Gotta live a little in this life.



IMG_2053Details: This $40 faux leather jacket has been my go-to night out jacket for the last year and a half. It’s not too heavy, so you can keep it on inside. I’m wearing a lingerie inspired corset top under it to show you how I style it for a night out. EXTRA brownie points for the fact that you don’t need to take it off inside a crowded bar or music venue. Skip that coat check. I’m wearing a small, TTS. 


IMG_1537Details: This is the most Gossip Girl meets British Vogue outfit I have to offer for you ladies this fall. It’s Blair Waldorf in London. Wear it with knee highs and you are the most darling thing. The jacket is the most important part when it comes to sizing. If you had to alter the skirt to make tighter or looser it would be much easier than the jacket. Since we want to be able to move our arms and lift them up, size up if you are in the middle. I thought about the XS because I am petitie, but I got the small and the jacket is perfect. The XS jacket would have been too tight as I have some serious arm muscles. The skirt is loose and you can adjust it with two options of buttons. I might add a third button to make it a little tighter. Quality is fabulous and every time I wear it I get compliments. Also, if you just want the jacket, still get this! The quality is as good as a $100-200 jacket. 

IMG_1014-3Details: Puffer jackets are as fun and fabulous as cold weather can get. This one is a great price at $64 and super warm. I wear it to all of my December-February events as it looks great with a fancy dress or jumpsuit. I wore it to a Christmas holiday gala last year with a velvet jumpsuit and it was a LOOK. Size up if you want that extra wiggle room. It also comes in black and pink.


IMG_9902-2Details: This $48 fluffy bomber jacket is the perfect off-white, just like a real life polar bear. A polar bear is my spirit animal. We can discuss why another time. This jacket is a popular style and I’ve seen designer ones that look just like this. I was shocked at the quality and how soft it was because the seller hadn’t been reviewed yet. I do take some risks  as I love discovering new brands that save us all a lot of money.



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