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Festival Looks

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Pleated “Jumpsuit”: beige bodysuit $17, beige pants $18, Ariat rhinestone belt $35, hoop earrings $14, black fringe purse $25 (wearing a small in everything)

coachella look side profile.jpg

Black beaded goddess dress: beaded black dress $43 (small)/ black cowgirl boots $62/ Ariat rhinestone belt $35, oval sunglasses $30



Tulle Baby: baby blue tiered ruffle maxi skirt $70, chain top $20, chain necklace $11


First things first: I love Coachella and I’ve gone for the last 4 years, ever since I moved to California. And I have worn Amazon clothes each and every time, which I can get into later. But, I want to set some things straight for those of you that have never and will never go to this festival. We all know that instagram is not reality and what you might think of Coachella- based on the social media posting that takes over your life for two weekends in April- is most likely not accurate. Do NOT for one second think that Coachella is at all what it looks like from the phone. Is it fun? YES! Is it dirty, crowded, hot, exhausting? YES! You pay a lot of money to walk around in the dirt and accumulate large amounts of dust in your lungs and sinuses, which usually results in a month of sickness after. You wait in lines and stand in large crowds and get pushed around. I promise you that whatever you are doing back home is way more impressive and something to be really proud of. Finishing a hard week of work and keeping a positive attitude is impressive. Finishing a hard week and crying everyday, is also just as impressive. Working on your mental health is impressive. Working on your relationships is impressive. Working on your anxiety and standing up for yourself is impressive. Being true to yourself is impressive! Spending a lot of time and money at a music festival….it’s fun, but not impressive. TO BE NOTED: I am not sharing this to complain or make festival lovers feel bad at all. I live in California and I am so lucky that I am able to go to Coachella. However, I am not going to pretend like this festival is life changing or that it deserves all of the hype. You living your LIFE and working hard deserves all of the hype! Coachella is 3 days of fun and for me, also work. But it sucks up a lot of your time and money and when you come home… you can’t help but wonder if it was all worth it. You’re not standing any stronger after. Actually, you are standing a little weaker along with bringing home a cough and lots of work to catch up on.  I’ll take the hardships of the real world over a festival any day because the real world pays you back with growth, success, happiness, and love. The fake world doesn’t do a damn thing for your well being and it never will. Of course, you should experiment and do whatever you want as it’s your life, but do take the time to grow, heal, learn about yourself, & whatever else we go to therapy for. So much of my early 20s was spent on chasing event to event and running away from reality.  Four years ago I would have said Coachella was life changing because I really wanted to believe that it was. Living for the weekends and always having fun and partying was my way of ignoring my problems and covering up how unhappy I was.  Everyone is different, but do pay attention to where your energy goes. If your energy is sucked up by the fake world, you won’t have anything left for yourself.

About the fashion…we need to talk. Four years ago, the fashion at Coachella was something I looked forward to and I gave the attendees so much credit for impacting and influencing the fashion industry. However, this year, it was the complete opposite and in some ways it felt like I was living in an anti-fashion cult, but not in a cool Nirvana kind of way: Anti-fashion in more of the clueless and tasteless kind of way. You see, Kurt Cobain was not clueless about fashion, but instead was very influential, although it was completely unintentional. Nirvana’s style was what the 90’s wanted and needed, and not only did it impact the masses, but it even showed up on the runways.  What I saw at the festival was a lot of the same exact thing over and over. And mostly I am talking about the influencers who are paid to wear clothes and “influence” us. I built up that every big-ish influencer would look better than me because I shopped on a budget, and on Amazon. I am so new in this industry and I live in San Francisco, not LA or NYC, meaning my network of other fashion bloggers is nonexistent. ( Side note: I am being a bit dramatic here, as I do have one queen in shining armor, and her name is Shannon Silver, IG handle @shannonsilver. She took me under her wing when I had 500 followers and has been there for me during my many breakdowns, when I needed someone in this industry to keep me sane and strong! She is witty and lures you in with her 90’s and early 2000’s twist on fashion & edits, San Francisco vibes, sommelier classification, & the breath of fresh air thing she has going on. She is also the owner of the one & only blog I keep up with.) But, because of those silly reasons, that me, myself, and I made up for no reason other than to create my own stress, I was a little intimidated by the industry going into Coachella. I labeled a lot of the other influencers as being way out of my league. Oh, how I was wrong! I ended up realizing that there is no league and I had nothing to be nervous about. So, what were the top influencers wearing? Well, not much.  The “risk-takers” were those showing their full blown cheeks, the cheeks that should be covered, especially when out in the dirt and when risk of an infection is HIGH. Yes, I know that showing your bottom at festivals like Ultra and EDC is not that uncommon, but the fashion at Coachella used to separate it from the others, making it about something bigger than just the music. Anything that combines music, art, and fashion is really special. But when everyone starts to looks like everyone else and the inspiration behind their looks scream ….P-O-R…you get my point. I must have seen hundreds of bottoms and by the end of the weekend it was the new norm. Almost as if you were trapped in a Bubba Sparx “Miss New Booty” music video and cheeks of all kinds surrounded you. But really, the cheek showing is not what I have a problem with. It’s that all the girls doing it looked so  uncomfortable and that me being an empath, felt really bad for them. I couldn’t help but wonder why they thought that being that exposed would be fun as I’m sure they ran into a lot of unnecessary problems and creeps throughout the day. If they look that uncomfortable showing their full blown cheeks, then they must be doing it for the wrong reasons. Besides this trend, there were a couple others that surprised me. A lot of people wore designer clothing that looked like something you could find in a Limited Too, excuse me Justice, store. I didn’t even know that you could find so many basic clothing items from some of top brands. Sure, I love a good crop top or a “smallish top” that has something to it with some cool bottoms ( I’m wearing a tiny top above hehe). When it’s a tiny tube top and tiny cut-off jean shorts, I’m not sure this is even considered an outfit past the age of 12. I would have loved to see these looks with an awesome shoe (embellished boots?!) or with a stand out jacket. Instead, it was cotton tube tops that stole the show in these ensembles. I guess all in all, the lack of any outfit inspiration from the whole weekend is a good thing in some ways. I learned that I don’t need to be intimidated by other bloggers just because I am doing something so different than them. On a kick ass note, the best outfits I saw in person from bloggers were Tezza and Caroline Daur.

ABOUT the music, finally…BILLIE!!! What a unique and beautiful soul. At 17 years old, she has managed to captivate millions of teens and well… 27 year olds like myself. And my boyfriend is a huge fan. He danced with me at her show and watched me jump up and down with the crowd like an animal. What makes Billie unlike any female artist ever is that she is anti culture, in a very good way! She doesn’t dress like the industry wants or wear any makeup and she sure as heck doesn’t speak like the world wants women to speak. Her clothes are baggy and she doesn’t show any skin, except her face and maybe her shins. Impressive. Every industry wants women to constantly expose themselves and we are used to seeing a cute little Disney star turn into a half naked humping machine (Miley I love you). How does Billie manage to wear exactly what she wants to wear without giving in? Because she must really believe that what she has to say is good enough. I love that. Her lyrics can be quite eerie and disturbing along with a captivating beat to offset the darkness. She makes teen girls feel better about themselves and anyone who can do that is a hero to me.  Her song lyrics and attitude gives the message that it is okay to be yourself and acknowledge your flaws, heavy emotions, anxiety, depression, and heartbreak. I wish I had someone like that to look up to when I was 16. I grew up with Britney Spears looking all sweaty and sensual in a crop top plastered on my wall. Billie is anti all of the female artists we are used to seeing. She even makes me feel better about myself. Why? Because she is undeniably being herself in every situation, which is extremely rare and hard to do. With so much pressure from society, how is she able to be who she truly is every single day? That is impressive and I think we can all agree that she is going to be an idol and someone to keep a close eye on. I read that she was homeschooled with her brother, who makes all the beats in her songs, and her parents are really involved as well. Billie has said in interviews that she is really private on purpose and I think the world needs more of that. We are constantly exposed to people sharing every detail about themselves for no reason other than to…do what everyone else is doing?! Social media has turned people into possibly the worst versions of themselves because oversharing has completely taken over their lives. From what they eat, to their bodies, to their relationships, to their every single thought that enters their head…we know it all! Billie, however, stays private with her life as best she can and I respect that. The Kardashian share it all and throw-your-entire-family-under-the-bus to succeed standard is getting old! Side note: One of the reasons I sort of loathe the whole concept of the Kardashians is because I have 3 older sisters myself. Every time I watch the show, I start to imagine treating my sisters like they treat each other in the show. It feels inhumane and then I get upset and turn it off haha.

Who else killed it at Coachella? Bazzi, Kasey Musgraves, and CHVRCHES. Kasey and CHVRCHES dressed to impress and their vocals made it so I don’t have to go to a concert for at least another year.

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  1. DON’T MIND ME, I’m just over here with a tear in my eye from these LEWKS & the sweet words. You’re such a gem, Colette & I am so lucky to have YOU as my ride or die chick. Speaking of Nirvana, it’s interesting how that 90s “grunge” culture is taking over social media too – like you said, it was time for a wakeup call and it’s currently happening with Gen Z shaking things up and I’m here for it. History does repeat itself! PS – that shimmer get up has me like a heart eye emoji omg <3 L-O-V-E-Y-O-U xx Shannon •

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