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Palm Springs

I’ve had this all-tied-up bandage dress for 2 years and this is the first time I’ve had the courage to put it on. It feels exactly like it looks like it feels. Tight! But it’s so beautiful! I can deal with a tight dress every now and then. Would I wear this for 12 hours straight? No mam. But, I will wear this out in the desert on a date with boo at Vallauris, the best restaurant in Palm Springs, IMO. It’s French and the ambiance is what I dream of when I do dream of ambiance. The back deck has lit palm trees and white boards with the menu on them at each table. As a dish is no longer available, the staff will come and wipe it off of everyone’s white board, which I loved. The menu is also not fixed, which is my preference. I am not someone who looks for a 5 hour, 10 course meal on the regular. I want to be in control at my dinner, most of the time. Well, at least in Palm Springs I do! Palm Springs is a relaxing place and there is really no place like it. It is an oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by snow capped mountains. I hope you get to visit it one day if you are ever in California! Get drinks at the Parker Hotel before dinner and make sure to do a tour of the property because it is funky and quirky, but upscale.

I paired this dress with my new white western boots with the cut-out heel. They are comfortable and I wore the same pair in blue for 8 hours at Coachella and did not get blisters to my surprise.  I was prepared with a box of bandaids, oh yes honey. Amazing. They take 2 weeks to deliver. The $14 blue crystal earrings match perfectly with this dress and take the look to another level.





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