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tulle top and green skirt 2.jpg

TIP FOR PHOTOS! I actually have had to train my body how to be..if that makes sense.  and how my face should be ((yes I have also trained my face for the last two years and 100,000 photos later. It is not natural to model. So, before you think that models are perfect or what you see on Instagram is perfect….Think again because it ain’t true. It is all about knowing angles and how to FAKE a lot of things. for example…I don’t have the shape you see in this above photo^^^ I am a bit narrow. But when I pop my hip out 5 inches, it looks like I have that shape. ALSO, FACE. When it comes to your face, always stick your chin out and I mean OUT. And then slightly tilt your face up. I hate the way my face looks straight on or looking down on it.  I have little lips (like so little that I can’t even get lip filler because there is no lip to fill, know what I am saying?!) SO, my little lips only look like lips when the camera is below me and when we my face is tilted upwards, and chin very out. I don’t mess around with these tips, I stick to them like the Bible when posing.

tulel top and green skirt .jpg

lavendar tulle top/  silk midi skirt / the best heels ever!

france club 55 tulle top.jpg

You must go to Club 55 if you are ever in Saint Tropez. The best bang for your buck, meaning the food and Club 55 house wine is very reasonably priced for a beach club in St. Tropez. You are also guaranteed to be surrounded by the best ambiance and people. My friend Lauren and I sat next to Jeff Bezos the first day we went. CRAZY RIGHT?! There is almost always live music and you should definitely ask for them to come play by your table and request a song. TIP: make a reservation in advance and show up at least 15 minutes before the reservation. There is always a line, but I go right up the table and find my name on the reservation card. It can be a bit chaotic, but act like you own the place and you will get seated faster.

france swimsuit.jpg

long sleeve swimsuit (very VERSACE)/ orange heels

france kimono 2

france KIMONO

silky kimono/ green high waisted swimsuit/ white hat

france scarf.jpg

I wore a scarf in my hair almost every single day, as I didn’t want to style my hair. This was my time off from blow drying. A scarf makes for the perfect relaxed, summer look.



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