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HAIR tips

Best place to get your blonde done in San Francisco is Salon Macias.  Ask for Rogelio !

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I put two of my absolute favorite hair masks at the top of my Skincare & Beauty category for those of you who are getting to the point where your hair ain’t like it used to be. I’ve been bleaching my hair for over 10 years and conditioner doesn’t do anything anymore. I use a hair mask twice a week. One night a week I leave it in all night long- I soak it in my hair by mixing it with water in a bowl. (Here is the link to the coconut mask that I do this with). I prefer to do this over the sink or tub, (yes, you can use the shower too!). I pour the mixture of mask and water over my head and rub it in so it soaks in equally. Pour it slowly, stopping to rub it in after each pour. I dilute the mask with water because the mask goes a long way and the water allows it to soak in, since my hair is usually dry when I do this. Then wrap your hair in a bun and sleep in it. & for the other time I use a hair mask, I only leave it in for 20 minutes- 1 hour depending on the day and what I have time for. I also ditched all curling irons and straighteners over the summer- bring on the curly waves!- and that has helped a lot. I found a hair mask that really works for natural waves. If that’s not practical for you, use a heat protectant spray before doing anything and let your hair air dry as much as you can. For shampoo and conditioner, I use the HASK blue chamomile 3-4 times a week to keep my hair more white than yellow.  You can use this everyday, but I skip a couple days and use dry shampoo. And for the best YouTube video on hair health- type in “hair secrets life changing” and click @alexandrasgirlytalk video!

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