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Savage Fenty

I am beyond amazed by the Savage Fenty brand and everything it stands for. The lingerie line launched by Rihanna is all about body positivity, women empowerment, fierceness, confidence, talent, and celebrating diversity. The first show was in 2018, and it was the best thing to ever touch the runway. The models in the show came in all sizes and shapes, and I mean ALL sizes and shapes. Women who represented those that have historically been excluded from the fashion community and told that they aren’t sexy or good enough to be on a runway, were the ones leading the Savage Fenty brand. That message went viral and was the reason the show made history. The Savage Fenty show also made other brands look old fashioned, outdated, boring, and unattainable. This lingerie line has every size for every body type and women are starving for more lines to follow suit. It will be interesting to see when and if this happens in the current fashion industry, or if we need new brands to be launched.

Last night, the second Savage Fenty show aired on Amazon Prime Video. I was counting down the days until I could watch this show, because as y’all know, I am trying to create a brand with similar values. I look up to people who stand up and create something that goes against societal norms that are outright wrong, and Rihanna is one of those people.  The 2019 show was once again unlike any other fashion show and showcased a diverse group of women, dancing and highly enjoying themselves all while decked out in the fierce Savage Fenty lingerie. The women power energy was exquisite and radiating through the tv onto me ,while I was sitting in my pajamas on the couch. And then….male rappers came out. Immediately, I tensed up and forgot what the show was about. The masculine energy was so strong and the power dynamic switched from confident, diverse women to the male performers and their lyrics about hoes and b**ches. The show could have gone down completely without any men performing on the stage. After all, what’s so bad about having a lingerie show about women, with women, for women, and ONLY women? Nothing is wrong with that and we don’t need male performances to make a show worthy of watching. WE LIKE WOMEN. Remember? I’d love to see Lizzo, Kehlani, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, or Missy Elliott take the stage. That is my only critique for future Savage Fenty shows, as this could be a show for women to truly escape to and feel safe throughout. Men change the energy, atmosphere, message, vibe, whatever you want to call it, and every woman can admit to that. Halsey performed and she was magnificent, the dancers were magnificent, the lighting and music and visuals were magnificent. So, go watch the show!

Some items I love from the website:

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