Red puffer jacket & the winter BLUES

Amazon let me know that this was the top selling jacket two years in a row. (it comes in other colors-green, black, and silver!) I think that means…hey colette…you should probably check this out because you are the Amazon Queen basically (lol- I am kidding when I say this by the way)…and you should share this on your channel HINT HINT. So, 10 seconds later, I bought it. I didn’t even know about this jacket until they told me about it and I must say, online, I was like -meh- when I saw it. But in person it is gorgeous! It’s really warm and puffy and it came right after the holidays.

Did y’all feel super gloom and doom over break or is that just me? Like…I felt so gloomy and down. It really made me thankful that I don’t deal with chronic depression, because it is the absolute worst feeling in the world. It also made me want to give back more to y’all and remember why I even started this thing in the first place. If I felt this bad, there’s definitely people out there that feel this bad too, and if I can do something to help brighten their day, then that is all that matters. Who cares about clothes at the end of the day..mental health is everything.  Watch out for my stories on instagram for some funny stuff to come in the new year 🙂 take care of YOU!

SO, what did I do to get my groove back?

  1. I started adding juices to my diet everyday.I start the morning off with 32 OZ of green detox juice: kale, spinach, ginger, apple, celery, cucumbers. And then I have another 16 oz of either cucumber and lemon juice or orange, turmeric, and celery. I am obsessed with juicing now. You feel instantly better when you have the right amount of nutrients in your body. And since your body doesn’t have to digest anything, it soaks up the nutrients right away. I feel better the moment the juice touches the saliva in my mouth. I swear, it is that instant. Now I get why everyone in Hollywood is a juicing freak.  I GET IT! Why did I buy a juicer, you might be wondering…Well, I got stuck in my ways and become quite lazy when it came to eating on my vegan diet and realized I was mostly eating processed foods (cereal, chips, crackers, take- out), therefore I was really depleted of nutrients. I felt super tired and run down, and every time I travelled, I would come home and feel like I had the flu for weeks after. I’ve been to a lot of doctors and with their help, we have determined that I wasn’t getting enough of the key nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to function properly.  Here is a juice recipe bookthat I own if you are interested.
  2. I signed up for classes! Pole dancing, acting, and improv classes. I have 3 classes a week for the next couple of months and I am super excited to try new things and get out of my Amazon comfort zone- who knows.. maybe I will become a standup comedian? SNL here I come! Honestly, it might happen….
  3. I traded my phone for books. I love romance novels like, *LOVE* them. Pride and Prejudice, Twilight, Anna Karenina. Anything that has lust, romance, heart break, and yearning…count me in! Currently reading War and Peace by Tolstoy (a new translated version I found at a bookstore in my neighborhood)-it  might take me a year to finish because it’s so long, lol.

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