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There’s always 3 questions I get when people ask me about my Amazon Fashion clothes.

What is Amazon Fashion?

Why do you shop on Amazon?

What do you search on Amazon to get your clothes?

After years of explaining (maybe even defending) to my friends and family as to why I shopped for clothes on Amazon, I learned that a lot of people don’t know that it exists or really understand what it is. I started this journey with a little side hobby of picking out clothes on Amazon for my friends and sending them links to items that they saw me wearing. I was their go to Amazon stylist. You might think, why couldn’t they just find it on Amazon themselves? Well my dearly beloved reader, that’s exactly why Colette Prime exists. They actually can’t find my outfits on Amazon. That might sound harsh, but it’s true. Only a very patient and persistent person with years of shopping history can do what I do. I had to go through the pain of returning all the clothes for the first couple of years or just losing money because the quality wasn’t great or the sizing was way off. It wasn’t until year 3 that I started to get really good. And by really good, I mean that now I was returning 1 out to 10 items and I had my top 10 brands that I trusted completely. The average shopper isn’t going to wait 3 years to find hidden gems on Amazon, let’s be real. Now, there are much more reviews on clothes to help others, but back 6 years ago there was almost nothing. So we can say 1 year instead. But why would a girl spend that time when she knows her sizes and the quality at her go to department store? She just wouldn’t. I didn’t have the money or a department store near me for the 4 years of college so I was always a fish out of water when it came to shopping. Except on Amazon that is.  The most important thing about this story is that sharing my clothing finds with my friends so that they could also save money and feel confident was something I really loved to do. What was also really fun, was spending hours on my Amazon browser so I could find a $20 outfit that any woman would feel confident in.  I loved sharing these finds with anyone who would listen because I felt like it had real value. Also, the clothes I find on AF save us all so much money that it makes up for the long hours I put into finding them. Clicking though items to page 200 takes 2-3 hours. I frequently click to a page that has probably never been seen by someone shopping.

Because I am already shopping for clothes on Amazon all the time, it hit me that I might be able to help other women. I know the brands to search for and how to tell if the photos are real or fake and if the seller is legitimate. Anyone can go to Amazon Fashion and shop the brands under that umbrella. I’m doing something much different than that.

So who is me? I’m a CPA living in San Francisco two years out of grad school. I’ve always loved fashion, but I went to school in the south (go Clemson Tigers!) and grew up in Virginia. Before moving, my fashion sense was pretty limited. Limited as in conservative and boring. Once I moved out to SF, I quickly realized how expensive it was to live here, and I had to say goodbye to department stores. My job also took up so much time, especially during my busy season, that I didn’t step foot in daylight during the week. Amazon became my go to place to buy everything. It sounds crazy, but I’m going to make this my niche. I dominate niches. This is my niche and it’s going to be really good.

What it really comes down to, is that I do have a real passion for this and that the heart of my brand is women empowerment. I have women from all over the country sending me selfies of themselves in clothes that I found for them. Nothing in the world can beat the feeling of helping them. I am in this for them. My instagram is now a platform for women empowerment. I care about them and my brand is them.

My blog and IG account are going help women overcome two things in the fashion industry: it’s too expensive and it’s not accessible. Every girl wants to look like she just walked off the NYFW runway, but every girl can’t buy designer clothes.   I am not going to be the only model on my blog and instagram. My followers are my models. If I can make someone feel more confident and proud of themselves, then Colette Prime is my dream business. Fashion is often disempowering because of the price and because of the “it girl” stereotype that seems to dominate the industry. I want to change that stereotype and empower women with affordable fashion instead.


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